Lea Agmon

IMG_1255-1Lea Agmon is the Director of the Conservatory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She is the founder of the Edward Aldwell International Center for Piano Performance and Musicianship in Jerusalem, and serves as the Center’s Artistic Director under the leadership of its Honorary President, Murray Perahia. Mrs. Agmon frequently serves as a jury member in piano competitions, and gives master classes in Israel, Europe, the USA, and Asia. A faculty member of the Piano Department of the Conservatory of JAMD since 1984, many of her current and former students are prize winners of national and international competitions, and are active on Israeli and International stages in recitals and as soloists with orchestras.

Mrs. Agmon obtained her Master’s degree from Mannes College of Music, New York, on a full scholarship, studying piano with Edward Aldwell, chamber music with Claus Adams, and theory and analysis with Carl Schachter. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, on scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, studying piano with Yahli Wagman and Sonia Valin. Starting in her early teens in her native Tbilisi, where she studied in a special school for gifted young musicians affiliated with the Tbilisi NationalConservatory, and continuing in Jerusalem and New York, she participated in many master-classes, performing for such prominent figures as Stanislav Neuhaus, Claude Frank, Eugene Istomin, Peter Feuchtwanger, Karl-Ulrich Schnabel, and Harold Schoenberg.

Throughout her teaching career Mrs. Agmon sought to develop innovative methods in piano pedagogy. To this end she studied cognitive and educational psychology at Bar-Ilan University. She is frequently invited to lecture on her unique piano method, which approaches musical and technical problems from a broad perspective that embraces both music theory and cognitive psychology.