Esther Narkis

Aldwell Center



For several decades, Mrs. Esther Narkis has occupied a leading role on the Israeli music education scene, and is one of its most prominent figures. A native of Haifa, she graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (Rubin) in 1949, where she studied piano with Eli Friedman, Joseph Tal, and Henrietta Michelson. Subsequently she continued her musical education in Paris, at the Jacques-Dalcroze Institute and the Conservatoire International, where in addition to piano performance she studied chamber music with Maurice Crut.

Mrs. Narkis holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education from NYU. She is a distinguished member of the piano faculty at the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music Dance, where she served as the Conservatory Director from 1979 to 1996. Her relentless efforts in this capacity resulted in the establishment of such performing groups, as celebrated Ankor choir, the Jerusalem Quartet, the Ariel quartet, and Conservatory and High-School Orchestra, to mention only a few.
Mrs. Narkis has taught piano at the Department for Music Education of the Academy and she raised countless gifted professional musicians and numerous prominent younger generation pianists.