The Edward Aldwell International Center for Piano Performance and Musicianship is established at the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in close collaboration with the Jerusalem Music Center . The idea of creating a Center commemorating the spirit of the late Edward Aldwell in Jerusalem was conceived by Mrs. Jean Ann Aldwell and Mrs. Lea Agmon.

The Center implements an annual program of master classes, lectures, workshops, and guest-performances. The activities of the Center are open to the general public and qualified participants are invited to take part in the master classes and workshops. The activities of the Center are held primarily at the JAMD's Navon Concert Hall, in the Nazarian Building.



The founding principle that underlies the Aldwell Center is to broaden the horizons of young musicians in Israel by exposing them to the artistry, knowledge, skill, and insight of outstanding musical performers, pedagogues and scholars worldwide. Focusing primarily on piano and chamber music with piano, the Aldwell Center endorses informed musical performance: an approach that complements intuition, expression and temperament, and a general sense of style, with a broad analytical vista that brings to the fore the inner-workings of the musical masterpiece. To meet its educational goals the Center implements an annual program of master classes, lectures, workshops, and guest performances, that apply in-depth analyses of musical texts to their interpretations.


The Jerusalem Academy
of Music and Dance


The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance is the leading and largest establishment of its kind in Israel . It is the only institution in Israel , and among few worldwide, that offers professional musical training of the highest standards, for any age-group, from preschool children at the JAMD's prestigious Conservatory to graduate students at the Academy. Musically gifted teenagers can attend and matriculate at the JAMD's unique musical High School. Many of its current and former students are prize winners of international competitions, and are active on celebrated national and international stages. The JAMD is located at the Edmund Safra Campus of the Hebrew University , and enjoys modern, state-of-the art facilities.
Honorary President Maestro Murray Perahia
Board of Advisors In planning its program of activities the Aldwell Center relies on the guidance of a distinguished international Board of Advisors populated by artists, scholars, and teachers from around the world. The Board of Advisors offers guidance in the choice of activities and guest artists and lecturers.
Members of the Board of Advisors:
Mrs. Jean Ann Aldwell New York
Maestro Richard Goode Mannes College of Music, the Marlboro Music School and Festival
Prof. Roger Kamien Zubin Mehta Chair Emeritus, The Hebrew University
Dr. Michael Klinghoffer JAMD, Dean of Performing Arts
Prof. Robert Levin Harvard University
Mrs. Esther Narkis The Conservatory of JAMD
Prof. William Rothstein CUNY Graduate Center
Dr. Sonia Rubinsky New York, Paris
Prof. Carl Schachter CUNY Graduate Center Emeritus, Mannes College of Music, Julliard School of Music
Prof. Alexander Tamir JAMD
Prof. Arie Vardi Hochschule fuer Musik, Hannover; Tel-Aviv University
Mr. Eric Wen Curtis Institute of Music, Dean of Theory Department
Prof. Menachem Zur JAMD
Mrs. Idith Zvi Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition, Artistic Director


Executive and Artistic Committees
and Artistic Director
The day-to-day operation of the Center is managed by its Artistic Director, Mrs. Lea Agmon, and an Artistic Committee. Both Mrs. Agmon and Mr. Cohen are former students of Edward Aldwell. Committee members include:
Prof. Yinam Leef JAMD, President
Mr. Micha Tal JAMD, Director General
Mrs. Lea Agmon Conservatory of JAMD, Director
Mr. Yuval Cohen JAMD, Director of the Young Piano Masters Project
Dr. Dror Semmel JAMD, Director of the Master Classes Program
Mr. Warren Green Herzlia
Dr. Gabriel Lanyi Jerusalem
Prof. Eytan Agmon Bar-Ilan University
Prof. Avner de-Shalit The Hebrew University